Silver Bay Seafoods

Bunkhouse Manager



The Bunkhouse Manager monitors Silver Bay property and premises to ensure security of products and processing materials, and to maintain order at the SBS bunkhouse. The bunkhouse manager will play a large role in making everyone’s stay there pleasant and safe.






Grounds Security

  • Make the rounds at the main facility. Check to make sure there are no unauthorized individuals at the plant. Check the outside doors to make sure they are all locked, check the mess hall and main office to make sure the doors are locked also. No one is allowed in the plant or mess hall after hours. Patrol the grounds to make sure we don’t have any authorized people wandering around.
  • Check to make sure that all skiffs, fishing vessels, and tenders are tied up securely. If there are crews on the fishing vessels/tenders make sure they are not entering company property or the bunkhouse after hours and that they are orderly if they are on the dock.
  • Monitor equipment, skiffs, company vehicles, etc that are stored in the SBS yard to make sure that no one is using them without permission, vandalizing, or stealing.
  • Ensure that no one enters the gear warehouse. Remove individual/s and report.
  • Monitor refrigerated and dry container vans to make sure no one tampers with or opens containers.


Bunkhouse Control

  • Enforce the zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy and report offenders to the HR generalist.
  • Maintain “quiet time” at the bunkhouse, starting at 11:00pm. This means no gatherings in the hallway or outside the building after 11:00pm that will cause other individuals to miss sleep or be disturbed. If tenants want to socialize it should be in their rooms after this time and noise kept to minimum. Disperse crowd, fill out report.
  • There is a strict policy forbidding any non-resident from being on the bunkhouse premises. This includes Silver Bay personnel not living at the bunkhouse. This does not include SBS leads and management that check in at the bunkhouse time to time. Anyone that is not on the bunkhouse list designating tenants is not allowed. Tenants may be dropped off in front of the bunkhouse by non-tenants but non-tenants may not step foot on the property. Ask unautroized individuals to leave if they don’t comply contact the police.
  • Fights are not tolerated. Break up the altercation if possible and report incident to HR generalist.  If necessary call the police.
  • Manage the TV room to ensure that the furniture and TV aren’t getting abused and that the TV room is quiet after 11pm in observance of “quiet time”.
  • Make sure the grounds around the bunkhouse stay clean and free of debris.
  • Entry into bunkhouse rooms should be limited to situations where physical harm or property destruction may occur from not intervening.


 Other Responsibilities

  • You may be asked to perform some responsibilities around the plant in the middle of the night such as starting or stopping machinery or refrigeration. The chief of maintenance will instruct you on such matters.
  • You may be asked to take someone to the airport for a late or early morning flight.





The Bunkhouse Manager will spend most of his/her time working at night, sometimes with little social interaction.

This position requires an individual that is comfortable working the nightshift.

Climbing ladders

Experience as a security guard a plus.


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